Networking Q&A panel

This October, you’re invited to the most dynamic business networking affair in the country!

28th October 2022 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM AEST

Ticket includes eligibility for freebies valued over $2000 including a holiday package



Ticket includes eligibility for freebies valued over $2000 including a holiday package

Are you struggling to unlock more freedom?
You started a business to reclaim your time, but what’s holding you back?

If you are a business owner who is:

UnleashCon is the perfect chance for you to make progress on that transformation you’ve been craving for—to unleash your awesome through your business while unlocking more freedom for yourself!

Ticket includes eligibility for freebies valued over $2000 including a holiday package

The ultimate business gathering to unleash your awesome is back!

Launched in 2021, UnleashCon is a one-day conference where business leaders across Australia gather to share what they know about increasing productivity and gaining freedom as business owners with YOU!

UnleashCon finally returns with its fourth run one year after it was introduced to the world.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been one hurdle after another, with each change forever transforming the way we do business—how we sell, market, and operate. But at UnleashCon, we gathered to hold the fort and come out stronger than before as a community. Now as we head into a global recession, it’s natural to wonder, “How do I survive?”

But even better, business owners must ask, “How will I thrive?”

This October, we continue to stay the course in a fast-changing global landscape. In anticipation of the upcoming year, UnleashCon will bring the power of business networks to the forefront so YOU can set the stage for a successful 2023.

It’s time to bring your A game to a new era of business.

Ticket includes eligibility for freebies valued over $2000 including a holiday package

A holiday package worth $2,000 awaits
the first 10 people to sign up and show up!

This spring, join industry leaders such as Scott Cundill and Adam Bude as they take you through a series of keynote sessions, group workshops, and a dedicated networking segment that might just transform your future forever.

You loved the last UnleashCon so much that we wanted to return the love—this special limited-access invite brings the UnleashCon experience to TransformHub VIPs at zero cost. PLUS, if you’re an early bird, you can grab priceless event-exclusive inclusions like a holiday package worth $2,000!



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Full access to exclusive talks from industry experts
A holiday vacation voucher worth $2000 for the first 10 attending registrants

Meet Your Keynote Gurus

Global Thought Leader and Speaker

From the business and marketing industry to the world of technology, Scott Cundill’s adventurous methods in approaching business has made an indelible mark on various media circuits and spheres of innovation.

With his diverse experience Scott has produced and published a library of works such as the “The Captivating One-Liner,” dissecting and affirming the role of trust in a business. He believes especially in trust between businesses, leading him to create My Most Trusted Network, a software company that facilitates meaningful introductions and referrals among business owners.

Authentic Sales Whiz and Strategist

With a sales career of over three decades, Adam Bude doesn’t only know about every facet of selling, he has actively pushed for a transformation in the way we do sales. This is because his discovery and development of ‘The Art of Authentic Selling’ separates typical selling from a new, authentic way of selling products and services.

Having dealt with the entire spectrum of sales in both traditional and non-traditional businesses across countless industries, from advertising to property management, Adam now trains business owners from around the world to be successful by creating genuine relationships with customers.

adam bude
Aldwyn Altuney

The Media Queen

Aldwyn Altuney is a mass media marketing expert of almost 40 years who believes in investing in media exposure that is guaranteed, particularly for businesses. Without publicity that is 100% certain, your product or service won’t fulfill its true potential no matter how good it is.

That’s why Aldwyn founded AA Xpose, “the only PR company in Australia that guarantees you media exposure in traditional mainstream media,” with the mission of making publicity and brand marketing more accessible to businesses. Her extensive background in TV, radio, newspaper, and digital media channels has crowned Aldwyn as the ‘Media Queen’ who can help your business master the media.

Productivity and Business Networking Expert

At the helm of UnleashCon is none other than Kel Holliday, Head Adventurer of Transformational Group.

Kel started out over 15 years ago with his first construction business. Since then, he’s gone on to build multiple companies that produced eight-figure revenues and to create Transformational Group with the hope of empowering people to achieve their dreams and transform their lives through business.

In between, he’s spent 25 years in business, construction, community services, and outdoor recreation education and 11 years within the nonprofit sector, all of which helped to bring him discover his passion in helping people unlock their full potential.

Meet Your Networking Gurus

Guy Wilson

Co-founder of Connect Collaborative and Safe(r) Entrepreneurship

After co-founding one of Australia’s largest software development companies, Guy Wilson made it his mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs take the plunge. For Guy, realising the immeasurable value of a solid network is one of the first key steps to success.

Now as Director of Better Marketing Results, Guy leads businesses to their own walking and talking billboards just by helping them make the right connections.

Business Strategist and Connector

Many business owners start out not really knowing what the most important foundations for a business are; and Debbie Small knows too well what that’s like. Her vision of solid business foundations for every business owner who needs it is what led Debbie to found Empowerment Point, which aims to assist entrepreneurs in reclaiming their freedom of choice with strategy one step at a time and having a much easier business journey.

Along the way she also founded the 10 Pillar Foundation Roadmap and co-founded the Aussie Business Accelerator, empowering business owners to build their business strategically in turn reclaiming their freedom of choice. For close to 30 years and with a background in corporate and business training, Debbie has always loved empowering others to be their best, earning her the title ‘The Empowerment Queen.’

Debbie Small
Fred Gillen

Digital Marketing Strategist

There are countless strategies a business owner can choose to give their business the right push, and Fred Gillen is the man to go to for understanding which ones attract clients that help you grow.

To invite business growth to business owners by joining together the latest technology and marketing techniques with their business processes, Fred developed an online portal where members exchange stories, insights, and ideas.

Jason Walmsley

Collaboration Specialist

Jason Walmsley has taken it upon himself to bring small businesses together and pinpoint mutual needs using market info, believing that “working together is the proven formula for delivering amazing outcomes.” Thus he founded BConnected World, an expert networking platform that connects small and micro business owners with a strong educational community.

In an increasingly competitive world for business, Jason’s more than three decades of experience is instrumental for business owners who want to expand and diversify their connections and stand out from the crowd.

Jason Walmsley

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